The BAD FROG Story…

It All Started With A T-Shirt

Back in 1994, my small graphics firm (in Rose City, Michigan) was creating animal graphics for T-Shirts that were to be sold to Department stores. The assortment of animals were mostly ferocious animals such as a Jaguar, Bear, Tiger,etc. We also did a FROG in the assortment. Everybody in the office kept saying that the FROG was “WIMPY” and shouldn’t be used. They said that the FROG did NOT belong with the other ferocious animals.

Finally, I got sick of all the complaining about the “WIMPY FROG”… so I decided to redraw the FROG to make him a little “TOUGHER” looking. I drew the FROG flipping the BIRD and then threw it on their desks! “You want a BAD FROG huh?…… well here ya’ go!!”

Soon after, we started selling fictitious BAD FROG BEER shirts…… BUT THEN…… people started asking for the BEER! Hell, I didn’t know anything about BEER…… I’m a T-Shirt salesman!!

Well we did learn about beer and started brewing in October 1995. Then the whole thing went BESERK! We’ve expanded to 25 states and overseas. We were BANNED in 8 states.
The banning of the Beer and the non-stop legal battles with each State prevented the expansion of the Beer, but BAD FROG fans all over the world still wanted the BAD FROG merchandise.

We’ve been featured on CNN, CBS, NBC, FOX, and ABC. BAD FROG was even featured in PLAYBOY Magazine TWICE (and he’s not even that good looking!). We’ve been on hundreds of radio stations across the world, appeared in magazines, and been in newspapers everywhere. BAD FROG has had his own NASCAR, Offshore Boat, Racing Truck, Dragsters, snowmobiles and a National Champion Hydroplane. CRAZY, huh?… and all because of a little Bird-Flipping FROG with an ATTITUDE problem.

BAD FROG is involved with ALL aspects of LIFE from SPORTS to POLITICS, from MUSIC to HISTORY. He’s a FROG on the MOVE! He’s a FROG with an interesting PAST, a hilarious PRESENT, and an exciting FUTURE. He’s a FROG that everyone can relate with.

Many people envy BAD FROG’S attitude and the COOL way he is able to handle the pressures of every day life. He’s a little bit of me, a little bit of you, and maybe a little of all of us.

BAD FROG has an ability to generate FUN and EXCITEMENT wherever he goes. He has an amazing ability to make people SMILE!

Take a good look at our BAD FROG Site. Not only do we have a fun selection of our “World Famous” BAD FROG merchandise, but we also are the ONLY site that specializes in just FROGS! This Site is dedicated to people who love FROGS and Frog merchandise. Take a look and contact us with your ideas on building and improving our site.

Thanks for visiting us at BADFROG.com

Jim Wauldron

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